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With over twenty five years experience specifying security systems Bespoke have seen an increase in clients upgrading security systems protecting their home or business using alarms systems, CCTV security cameras, network video recorders, perimeter protection, zoned security lighting, electric gates, automated garage doors, access control and smart locks.


A one-touch security system with Control4


Control4, offers a wide range of security integration features designed to keep you connected with your home, whether home or abroad, and comforted by the control they have in the palm of their hand.


Keep a watchful “eye” on your property 24/7 viewing your CCTV from any touch screen controller, computer, smart phone or tablet.  

You can simply lock down your whole house from a mere touch of a button. Lowering the electric blinds to give you privacy, dimming the scene lighting throughout your home and outdoor security lighting to a pre-set setting whilst locking the smart locks, closing your electric gates and setting your alarm.


Using the Control4 programme you can be alerted immediately when someone approaches your property, The system is programmed to make the lights flash and alarms sound to warn off unwanted intruders notifying you by text if there is a problem. 


Our priority is to specify you with the latest security systems to protect you and your family.


For a demonstration of the latest security systems using Control4 automation book an appointment at our showroom HERE



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