Multiroom Audio & Video

Multiroom Audio & Video

With Bespoke Home Cinemas you’ll have your personal digital requirements under your fingertips at a mere touch of a button.


Any source in any room... The absolute starting point in any smart home project is the distribution of your all your digital media.  The ideal smart home system allows you to view and listen to any source in any room at any time. 4k UHD TV, Sky HD, DVD, CCTV, Apple TV, internet, emails, photos and music can all be played on any source simultaneously throughout the home.  


So you’re cooking dinner, you conveniently select from a simple Control4 app on your Smartphone or tablet your favourite music to play in the kitchen, then select a different music to play in the dining room all ready prepared for your guests and as the doorbell rings switch to the CCTV channel viewing your guests arriving at the door on the kitchen TV all from a mere touch of a button.


Your convenience is our priority  

For more information on Control4 please visit our Control4 Certified Showroom page HERE


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