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Bespoke Home Cinemas now offer Just Add Power whole-home entertainment systems

Bespoke Home Cinemas now install products from Just Add Power, which allow all of your TV set top boxes and media streaming devices to be accessed in every room in your home, in any combination you and your family want.

Just Add Power systems are ideal for luxury properties, large-scale homes and estates, because the type of technology they use means that they can send 2 Sky Boxes to 70 TVs, or to 4 different set top boxes (Apple TV, Sky Box, BluRay Player and an Amazon Fire TV) to 20 TVs, or really any number of entertainment devices to any number of TVs that you require.

Even if some of your TVs are located in a main house and others in a pool house, having a Just Add Power system installed by Bespoke Home Cinemas will enable the guests in the pool house to enjoy all of the set top boxes and entertainment devices that are located in the main house, and vice versa.

Every TV in your home can watch the same entertainment device, each TV can watch a different entertainment device, or any quite literally viewing combination in between that you can imagine is possible with a Just Add Power system.

Having a Just Add Power system installed by a professional lets all of your set top boxes and entertainment devices be hidden away in a technology cupboard or audiovisual equipment room, whilst still being watchable and controllable on every TV in your home. At Bespoke Home Cinemas, we believe that nothing looks worse than beautiful wall-mounted TVs that are ruined by unsightly wires and a pile of set top boxes beneath them. A Just Add Power system gets rid of all that clutter and allows your entertainment viewing areas to look as good as they should.

If you have one device (e.g. a PlayStation) that you use virtually every day in a certain room, then the Just Add Power system can let this device remain in your preferred room but still be accessed in all your other rooms too. Movie fanatics will be pleased to know that Just Add Power products support 4K resolution entertainment, allowing you to enjoy the best quality home viewing experience on offer throughout your whole home.

Plus for sports lovers, why not ask Bespoke Home Cinemas about the Just Add Power tiling device that will let you watch four different sports games, or four different TV shows/movies, at the same time on one TV.

For something really special, Bespoke Home Cinemas can even add a video wall to your man cave, games room or even bedroom for the real entertainment buffs, which allows you to watch multiple sports games each on a single TV that make up the video wall. Alternatively, with a video wall you could watch a sports game in larger than life size across the whole video wall and, when not in use, the video wall can show scenic images or moving footage that beautifully compliments the design of your room.

Image and install by Just Add Power

Bespoke Home Cinemas can install a Control4 whole-home control system that lets you select which entertainment device you watch in every room, and also control all the entertainment devices that are connected to the Just Add Power system from your iPhone or tablet. At the press of a button, the Control4 system can simultaneously lower your blinds, dim your lights, drop down your projector screen, and tell the Just Add Power system to switch to watching Netflix- all whist you kick back, relax and prepare to enjoy your favourite movies and shows.

To discuss all your requirements including Just Add Power please book an appointment at

Bespoke Home Cinemas showroom 0113 2660101

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