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Kaleidescape, one of the most innovative home cinema products on the market

Bespoke Home Cinemas is now an authorised Kaleidescape dealer, selling the finest movie server system on the market.

Kaleidescape offers clients the best movie experience for their personal collection of films, with a wide range of movie server systems, from storing Blu Rays onto their ultra-secure servers to downloading a full quality film from their extensive movie store.

It is also a multiroom solution, allowing over 99 players to be installed into one system. You can watch multiple films at different times in any room in the home.

Kaleidescape makes finding films extremely easy with its simple to use interface, using its very intuitive kOs software. When a film is loaded onto the system, the cover artwork is displayed along with all your other films. When you land on a films cover art, the system will quickly scatter the other artwork around your choice and show other films of a similar genre. For example, landing on a music concert will pull any other music related content you might have closer to your original choice.

You can also make the most of the list view as well, you can arrange films by name, actors, directors, when the film was released, age rating and even how long the film is.

Once you have selected the film you wish to watch, hit play and the system will take you straight to the start of them film, no annoying adverts or menu systems, seamless playback instantly.

The idea of Kaleidescape is to make watching films as simple and easy as possible, whilst not losing any quality. An example of this would be their movie store; every film you download comes full uncompressed as if you had bought the film on disc. You can download 4K and HDR content as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS-X soundtracks.

Quality is at the forefront for Kaleidescape, hence downloading the films in full uncompressed quality. This is a massive advantage if you want to get the best out of your amazing home cinema as you can make the most of the new 3D sound formats. When you compare this to the likes of Apple TV and Netflix (streaming devices) the difference is vast. Both of these products use compression to allow seamless streaming, they can only handle 5.1 sound formats, so having an amazing cinema and using the likes of Netflix means you aren’t using your cinema to its full potential.

To find out more about Kaleidescape, one of the most innovative home cinema products on the market, book a demonstration at Bespoke Home Cinemas and see the amazing Kaleidescape Strato 4K player in action.

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