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Increasing visibility of women of the AV industry

To celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, Melanie Malcolm of Bespoke Home Cinemas was an invited guest on the Essential Install podcast where they highlighted the achievements and increasing visibility of women of the AV industry.

Melanie commented "It was great to be interviewed by David Kitchener and listen to the hugely inspiring Amanda Wildman, Charlotte Oakman and Sophie Thomas, we shared our own experiences and stories and we hope we inspire many other women in business to share theirs too!"

Melanie discusses wearing many hats with both business and charity work, inside and outside of the industry, with positive conversation on the organisations she supports and those that have supported her. She refers to her role at Bespoke Home Cinemas, being a CEDIA Board Director and her support for Together For Cinema, and with special mentions to the individuals that have inspired her journey.

Click HERE to listen in to the International Women's Day podcast by Essential Install Magazine.

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