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Are you Light Side or Dark Side? Let our Star Wars themed Pool Table decide! May The 4th Be With You

Great time to launch this video, especially for Star Wars Day - May the 4th be With You!

Bespoke Home Cinemas client moved into a new home and the first project commissioned was their dream home cinema in a 10m x 4.5m attic space. As avid sci-fi fans the brief was simple, a subtle ‘Star Wars’ inspired cinema / games room for the whole family but without having a six-foot storm trooper in the corner!

A challenging start as the brief was to keep the existing pool table which was left by the previous owners. No detail was left unturned; the Bespoke Home Cinema team gave themselves the challenge to customise the original oak effect pool table to ensure it co-ordinated with the rest of the sci-fi inspired room.

The oak table legs and trim was fully wrapped in a 3M carbon fibre film (usually used in custom car modifying). Taking home automation to another level the Bespoke team installed a custom built Arduino microcomputer which was fitted to run a unique automation program to bring the pool table to life! Assignable Neopixel LED’s were placed in each pocket with the aid of custom built triggers for when a ball is pocketed on a specific side, then the entire table changes and flashes to relevant colour allowing the table to have ‘Dark Side’ & ‘Light Side’ which then triggers a Star Wars audio quote relevant to the pocketed side which plays through the cinema loudspeaker surround system, all quotes are randomised so you don’t know which will be next! – “Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side!”

To view images of this Star Wars inspired home cinema project please click here

Bespoke Home Cinemas is the only Control4 certified showroom in Leeds, Yorkshire where you can experience state of the art Home Cinema and Smart Home Technology. At Bespoke we pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence demonstrating exclusive high end audio visual brands: On demonstration are two fully fitted cinema rooms. Our dedicated cinema room incorporates a Sony 4k projector, Artcoustic speakers, Arcam amplifier, receiver and Bluray DVD player, Control4 automation, Kaleidescape Strato media server, Cinema Build screen and luxury seating by Ineva Design. The showroom is also available for demonstrations, CPD training with Architects, corporate event hire, business networking events and meetings.

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