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An experience that’s spectacularly ‘out of this world’

An experience that’s spectacularly ‘out of this world’ commented our client, a Star Wars fan from Co-Durham.

With this project we were given a free-hand to showcase our skills for this dream movie-watching space. “A mutual love of all things Star Wars began our conversation with this client,” Once it became clear that the main cinema room at the family home was in need of an upgrade, we progressed quickly to identify what exactly would best suit the client and his family. Watching movies is a shared experience that they all enjoy and we knew that many hours would be spent in the room, so delivering a premium quality experience was at the core of our design.

A visit to our showroom gave the family the opportunity to test a range of cinema options for themselves and they were blown away by the native 4K VPL-VW760ES laser projector from Sony and the immersive audio by Artcoustic.

As part of a complete renovation, involving technology, décor and design in the 8.5 m x 4m cinema room, the existing projector and speakers were removed and further construction was then required for the upgrade. In order for the room to take an extra level of seating a raised stage was constructed, a coffer ceiling was built to give the room more depth and acoustic wall treatments added to create a full cinematic experience. Audio was then provided by Artcoustic speakers in a 9.2.6 configuration, Marantz amplification, Trinnov processor and source material predominantly via a Kaleidescape Strato 4K media server however the client also has an extensive collection of Steel Book Blu-ray discs so he utilises an Oppo player for this library of discs. The entire room was professionally ISF calibrated. Over 2,500 individually assignable LED lights and a custom built Arduino PC were used to create the cutting-edge display that imitates the lighting of 2 duelling lightsabers complete with audio sound effects mapped through the surround sound speakers.

For interior furnishing, the homeowner’s existing double chaise longue chair provided the front row seating, whilst four luxury Cineca leather cinema chairs were added at the rear of the room for maximum comfort and style. The room included a lot of acoustic treatment concealed within its design, providing both absorption and diffusion. The innovative tapered side walls by the screen conceal custom bass traps and the front wide speakers, all covered in light absorbing stretched fabric to produce a viewing ‘pod’ and the rest of the room has a plush stretched velvet fabric in place creating that luxurious cinematic interior.

The final result is precise on all levels, contemporary designed luxurious interior, immersive sound, exceptional image quality and cutting edge technology – All perfect for adrenaline-fuelled action movies, superhero blockbusters and of course, epic legendary Star Wars movies.

The entire conversion completed in 15 working days.

Kit list:

• Sony VW760ES 4K laser projector

• Future Automation PM-UNI projector bracket

• Screen Excellence 3000mm 16:9 acoustic screen

• Trinnov Altitude 16 processor

• 3x Marantz MM7055 power amps

• 3x Artcoustic Spitfire 8-4. (LCR)

• 6x Arcoustic SL 4-2 (Surrounds and wides)

• 6x Artcoustic Architect PAS (Atmos)

• 2x Artcoustic Control2 Subwoofers with 1Kw power amp

• Kaleidescape Strato S

• Oppo UDP205 4k Bluray player

• Apple TV 4K

• HD Anywhere 8x8 Pro matrix

• Control4 EA3 processor and SR260 remote

• 3x Control4 dual load keypad dimmers

• Arduino custom PC and Neopixel Tape for lighting and audio effects

• Cineca seating

• Desmond & Sons Custom Acoustic fabric walls

We’ve certainly not underestimated the power of the dark side!

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