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Feel festive and relax, let Control4 automate your home to the finest detail this Christmas

At Bespoke we are committed to providing our clients with the most innovative, stylish, cost effective technology and our preferred automation system is Control4, the ultimate smart home solution which enables you to integrate all the electronic components you use to work together seamlessly and effortlessly throughout the home.

Our home automation systems are built around your individual requirements to suit you and your lifestyle. The key element to a true smart home is a dedicated home management system, linking various sub systems together so they work in harmony with one another.

Home Automation can be applied to far more than just audio visual systems, it can integrated with scene lighting, curtains, heating, climate control, air conditioning, irrigation, automated gates, access control, CCTV and security systems. In fact just about anything electrical can be integrated, all controlled either automatically or manually from anywhere in the world.

With Control4 you can start by automating a family room or cinema room or fully integrate every room in the house. The modular approach to Control4 lends itself equally to retro fit installations as well new build projects. Control anything in your home anyplace, anywhere, with the user friendly Control4 app.

Sit back in your luxury cinema room, from the mere touch of a button select “watch home cinema” on the remote control, touch screen controller, smartphone or tablet and watch the magic happen. The lights dim automatically, electric blackout blinds are gracefully lowered as the projector and screen appear from a concealed panel in the ceiling with your movie appearing on the screen all set to start.

It doesn’t stop there, how about setting the scene lighting to come on as you enter your home, check the cctv security in the house while your away, filling your bath to the perfect temperature whilst driving home, have your letterbox email you when you’ve got mail.

Feel festive and relax, let Control4 automate your home to the finest detail this Christmas. Watch this video by Control4 showing a home in the US using Control4 to automate Christmas lights, holiday music, and more.

Anything is possible with Control4

Experience state of the art Home Cinema and Smart Home Technology using Control4 automation at our showroom in Moortown, North Leeds.

We pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence demonstrating exclusive high end audio visual brands: Artcoustic, Ad Notam, Arcam, Control4, Sony, JVC, Epson, Sonos, Monitor Audio, Anthony Gallo, HD Connectivity, Just Add Power, Nest, Screen Excellence, Cine Italia and Signature Seating.

The showroom is also available for demonstrations, CPD training with Architects, corporate event hire, business networking events and meetings.

Please contact us to book an appointment.

T:0113 2660101

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